Polymer coatings

Components of technological production on plants are exposed to various chemical (caused by acids, alkalis, salt solutions, organic solvents, various chemicals or water vapor) and mechanical (pressure, friction) stress. Corrosive effect of such substances increases under higher or unsteady temperature. The solution of the problem of industrial components protection from severe chemical, mechanical and thermal loads is application of polymer coating, offered by LLC “Antikor Prom Service”.

Types of coating systems:
  • Monolithic
  • Based on polymers:
  • Hybrid novolak
  • Epoxy resin
  • Epoxy phenol
  • Epoxy novolak
  • Polyether
  • Vinyl ether
  • Vinyl-ether novolak


Utilization of concrete and steel:
  • Tanks
  • Tankers
  • Storage-reservoirs
  • Reservoirs
  • Gas-escape channels
  • Reaction towers
  • Gas purifier
  • Places of chemical treatment
  • Storage places for chemical substances
  • Sterile rooms
  • Foodstuff production sites
  • Places with heavy traffic


Types of resins for coatings:
  • Epoxy resins (EP)
  • Unsaturated polyester resins (UP)
  • Vinyl ester resins (VE)
  • Furan resin (FU)
  • Phenol-formaldehyde resins (PF)


Components of coatings:
Resin + filler + reinforcing material + other materials
Coatings based on resins are the most widespread.
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