Acute need to reduce emissions of SO2 that release as a result of fossil fuel combustion, has led to enactment of regulatory documents in many countries of the world. Today in Ukraine are already operating limitations on hazardous emissions into the atmosphere, and in the nearest future will be accepted the laws, according which the norms of emissions into the atmosphere will be equal to European standards.

Power stations - the main source of sulphur emissions. Electric power industry produces nearly two thirds of SO2 emissions all over the world. Sulphur oxide (SOx), especially sulphur dioxide (SO2) and sulphur trioxide (SO3), are emitted as a result of coal combustion, due to sulphur content in coal, stations produce up to 120000 tons of sulphur dioxide per year. Sulphur content in combusted coal affects the quantity of SOx, released into the atmosphere.

Sulphur dioxide, besides other acids, is the main cause of acid rains, which negatively affect forests and environment.

Types of fossil fuels with the highest sulphur content:

  • Lignite (brown coal)
  • Coal (anthracite)
  • Orimulsion
  • Fuel oil

Through legislative regulation on voluntary basis more and more power stations should withdraw sulphur dioxide of flue gases.

There are many ways of restraining SO2 emission:

  • switch to fuel with lower sulphur content
  • purify coal to remove sulphur
  • the use of combustion technologies which restrict the formation of SO2
  • flue gases desulphurization

Flue gases desulphurization – is a method, chosen to meet standards on SO2 emissions in many countries

Employees of the company have a big experience in anticorrosion works of flue gases desulphurization plants. Materials produced by Steuler-KCH have already been applied in over 50% of all flue gases desulphurization plants all over the world.

Joint pipes. Desulphurization plant. МаеМох, China Technological reservoir. Waste water treatment plant. Banshan, China

Pipes with PP sputtering. Desulphurization plant. Niederaussem, Germany Desulphurization plant on Guohua power plant. Beijing, China

Absorber. Desulphurization plant. Beijing, China lue gas channels, absorbers. Desulphurization plant. Python, Indonesia
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