Desulphurization systems

Today there are few types of flue gases desulphurization systems.

  • Calcic/ Calciferous wet purification scrubber
  • Wet purification scrubber (for ex. sea water scrubber)
  • Irrigative scrubbers of dry purification (Semi-dry systems)
  • Processes with sorbent injection (including dry purification scrubbers)
  • Regenerative processes (only removal SO2) Combined SO2/ NOx withdrawal processes
Main systems, applied in power industry:

System of wet calciferous desulphurization (used in more than 80% of working stations)

Desulphurization system on sea water (new method, preferred on shore power stations)

Desulphurization plant in power station in Guohua, Beijing, China

Channels of flue gas, absorbers. Flue gas desulphurization. Payton, Indonesia

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