Branches of industry

For decades Steuler-KCH has successfully worked for needs of many industries. In industrial surface protection company Steuler KCH is one of the world leaders and leading suppliers.

Branch of application Places of application
Chemical Reactors, autoclaves, equipment, production and storage vessels, absorbers, dryers, washers, floorings, basins, ducts, shafts, channels and pipelines
Power Scrubbers, equipment for wastewater, flue systems and chimneys, pipelines
Food Technological reservoirs, storage vessels, industrial floorings, ducts and shafts
Metallurgical Blast furnaces, pickling and galvanic basins, regenerative plants, capacities, scrubbers, columns, mixers, flue systems and chimneys, pipelines
Mining Storage vessels, autoclaves, electrolysis cells, pipelines
Pulp and paper Bleaching tanks, mixers, technological reservoirs, vessels, flue systems and pipelines


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