Each business needs reliable partners for its development and success!

LLC “Antikor Prom Service” – is one of such partners that ensure a long-term relationship, in which each party receives significant benefits.

LLC “Antikor Prom Service” - is an exclusive dealer in Ukraine and partner of world-famous corporation Steuler-KCH, which is for 140 years specializing in industrial surface protection throughout the world.

With years of experience and know-how we can offer our customers optimal solutions of highest quality in any specific site conditions. To ensure a reliable and long-term corrosion protection, our company supplies a large number of high quality corrosion resistant materials made ​​in Germany using the world's most advanced technologies. 

It includes rubber materials, acid-proof brick and tile, polymeric materials and paints, as well as elements of composite materials. Materials are based on natural and synthetic polymeric compounds that are highly resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal loads. These are coatings of soft and hard rubber, which contain both natural and synthetic rubber, and also two-component polymer compositions based on synthetic resins with special fillings.

LLC “Antokor Prom Service” also performs complete anticorrosion protection of industrial equipment and building constructions, both in workshops and on customers’ construction sites. If the application or installation of anticorrosion systems are provided by outside organizations or personnel of the customer, experienced specialists (supervisors) of our company can teach and coordinate the work on the site.

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