Works and services

Successfully combining high quality materials, advanced technology of their application and system approach to the order, we offer high quality service:

  • Supply of protective materials
  • Application, mounting protective systems
  • Services of experienced supervisors of the company for work coordination on Customers’ construction sites
  • Repairing works, maintenance

We provide prompt, competent consultation and support in any place and any time. It allows us to position ourselves as reliable and qualified partner in solving complex problems of surface protection.


Anticorrosion solutions of our company


Reservoirs, technological equipment, basins. For their protection we offer a durable coating of synthetic polymers, rubber or special tile or brick.

Transport capacities. Range of products includes rubber and other special coatings for tank wagons, tank cars and other transport capacities.

Pipelines. Pipes are provided with rubber lining or are manufactured of fiberglass plastic with inner pipe coating or without it.

Industrial floorings. Full range of coatings for floors in different industries – from ceramic tile to various polymer materials.

Pools. Excellent tiled coatings and linings for modern pools, which require reliable, innovational technologies.


We offer a wide range of corrosion resistant materials:


Rubber linings – for protection of steel constructions during severe loads and concrete components, exposed to corrosion.

Linings of brick and tile – for protection of sealing layer of mechanical damage and for reinforcement of chemical resistance of complete anticorrosion system.

Polymer products – for protection of constructions, exposed to severe chemical and thermal stresses. These are various floor coatings, coatings for reservoirs, synthetic pastes and special materials.

Composite materials – for protection against corrosion and protection of environment at the same time. High chemical resistance, relative density, flexibility in installation.

We know what materials should be applied and how to apply them with the greatest benefit, as seminars and trainings organized by “Steuler-KCH” give the opportunity to learn from years of experience and advanced technology of company Steuler-KCH. And quality control system DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures continuous control in all stages – from studying of the problem - to manufacturing of finished product, from taking order to after-sale service.

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